Who we are   

 A passion 

At LinguaLab, we are passionate about the world's languages.

We believe that bilingualism and multiculturalism is a gift for children and families. Knowing another language opens the door into a different culture, perspective, and philosophy. It teaches one to be curious, tolerate differences, and to see the world through another set of lenses. Logic, abstract thinking, analyzing ability, cognitive dexterity is among the many complex skills the brain develops through learning a foreign language.

An education 


As educators, we strongly believe in age-appropriate education, play-based learning, the value of natural light, physical activity and good nutrition, engagement of cognitive and physical domains.

We believe in long-term observation of the child, her interests and abilities, and in providing appropriate support and challenge to foster the development of her talents.

A community 

We established LinguaLab in Queens, our adopted home, which happens to be the most diverse place in the US and home to more of world languages than anywhere else. Our goal is to provide high quality, progressive language immersion education for kids and adults right here in our community and beyond.

Founder Note

As parents, educators, and international transplants ourselves, we experienced first hand the process of learning a foreign language in theory, becoming immersed in the language environment, and raising kids to speak more than one language. We've created LinguaLab with the goal to provide an innovative, creative and family-friendly space where all children can thrive. 


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