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Have you ever tried to learn a new language? Did you succeed? What was your motivation for pursuing a new language? Based on our experience, our firm belief is that motivation to learn a language is strongest when there is an emotional driver. Whether it is a family member that speaks it, a new friend, a literary author, a movie, travel abroad or community neighbors, a significant other or a desire to connect with ancestral history and search for an identity - an emotional element sparks interest and fuels one's desire to speak another language. 

We designed our program to be exactly that motivational factor in your child's language acquisition journey. Our Language Immersion Programs aims to foster interest and love of the foreign language through engaging learners body, curiosity, and creativity.  Whether your child is a heritage speaker or a new learner, our programs will nurture their interest, enrich and expand their association with languages.

If you ever tried to learn a new language, you might know that comprehension always comes ahead of the ability to speak the language in a real situation. For many language students, the speaking barrier is hard to overcome psychologically and they fail to speak in a real situation due to worries about imperfection.  

Through our Immersion Programs, we aim to target comprehension ability and production of language at the same time. Our students are encouraged to speak the words they hear from the very first lesson. The key to fluency is practice in real situations. 

Not only it helps them to overcome shyness or fears of speaking a new language- but they also acquire the habit of interacting in a language other than English or whichever their main language might be. 

The ability to think in and speak two or more languages- bilingualism has been proven to lead to cognitive benefits in everyone, kids and adults alike. Yes, any child can become bilingual through enough exposure and motivation! 

LinguaLab's based Immersion Program prepares the students for foreign language literacy acquisition at any grade level. Through authentic and enriching course design and instruction, students' vocabulary expands and using correct grammar and structures constantly refines over the course of the session. Through understanding the correct grammar structures, authentic idioms, and exposure to a wide vocabulary students get a strong foundation to read and write in a foreign language.


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