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Active, creative and hands-on Spanish immersion classes stimulate the natural curiousity for Spanish and share cultural knowledge. Our classes follow a modern standard for foreign languages. We balance academic learning with projects,npuzzles, games, art & movement activities.


  • Spanish Immersion Atelier (2-4y)

  • Spanish Immersion Atelier (5-10 y)

  • Fall 2019 Spanish Immersion BailaBebe (2-4 y)

  • NEW Fall 2019 Spanish Literacy for Bilinguals (5-12 y)

  • NEW Fall 2019  Advanced Spanish & Dual Language Support (5-12 y)


Russian immersion classes for preschool and school-age kids are part of Mishutka Russian for Kids

New learners and bilinguals develop their language skills and cultural knowledge through games, projects, poems and songs, arts & crafts,culinary adventures. Learners 5 years and up learn literacy in addition to enrichment activities.


  • ​Russian Immersion Atelier (2-4 y)

  • Russian Immersion Atelier (5-10 y)

  • FALL 2019 Music in Russian (2-4 y) and (5-10 y)




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