Our policies  

At LinguaLab, we are committed to provide you and your children with the best service and language learning experience.

We understand that we are working with children and  we want to give time to your child to adapt and withdraw from a program if it is not a good fit. 

We also understand that due to different life circumstances, you may need to drop a class or transfer to a different class. See our school policies below. 

Drop-in cancellation policy

Drop-in class can be canceled without charge up to one hour prior to the beginning of the class. 

Class Package can be used within a 15 weeks time frame. 

Check our refund policy for information regarding session enrollment cancellation and withdrawal.

Please feel free to contact us for more details. 

LinguaLab class cancellation policy

LinguaLab reserves the right to cancel any program, classes, and workshop and/or change teachers without advanced notice. Cancellation are most of the time due to low enrollment or unavailability of a teacher. We will notify you by phone or email and we will give, depending on the situation, the option to have make-up in another class or transfer to another program, class credit or a full refund.

Make-up policy

LinguaLab offers up to 1 make-up per session in another class for the session program*. 

There is no make-up class for the 5 or 10 class packages as they can be used within a 15 weeks time frame. 

In the event that LinguaLab cancels a class due to weather conditions or teacher absence, a make-up or refund will be scheduled/offered. 

* if your child is enrolled in the preschool alternative program, 2 days/week, he is then entitled to two make-ups per session, in another age-appropriate class/program offer at LinguaLab.

Refund policy:

All new students can withdraw and get a full prorated refund up two weeks after the beginning of the first class. The tuition refund will be prorated which means that the class fee of the classes already taken by the child will be subtracted from the refund. 

For toddler and preschool alternative programs, this "two weeks period" can be extended to four weeks. A $50 withdrawal fee will be deducted.  

If you wish/need to withdraw your child after this period and up to 6 weeks after the first class of your enrollment, LinguaLab will offer a credit valid for one year and that can be used to any other classes and programs.

Waiver & Release policy

LinguaLab will ask you to fill out a waiver and release form with all necessary information in case of emergency. The form will be sent to you by mail once your child is enrolled in the program. It will also be given to you at your first class. 

Privacy policy

LinguaLab is protects the privacy of its students.

LinguaLab will only ask you to provide the information necessary for registration such as name, address, phone number, email address etc. 

Please note that for security reasons, credit card information is not stored by LinguaLab.

We will never share your information or sell your email.

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